Why Hooping?


Before we discuss Hooping we need to understand Flow States: what it is & why is it good for us.  Being in a State of Flow is similar to being "in the zone" or when we find ourselves completely absorbed in something & lose our sense of space & time.  Experience of Flow States is intrinsically rewarding as it brings us feelings of potential to succeed, a sense of overall satisfaction in life & inner clarity.   When action & awareness merge we are given access to the sensational experience of Flow.  Hooping can help us to achieve these States of Flow.  

Hooping is for all body types, ages & backgrounds.  As a physical exercise Hooping is a full body, low-impact cardio workout.  It works over 30 core muscles, decreases blood pressure, enhances balance, improves hand-eye coordination, boosts blood circulation, reduces skeletal muscle tension & increases flexibility.  Hooping's mental benefits may include stress & anxiety relief, improved memory & concentration, reduced insomnia, stimulated production of endorphins & can be used as a form of occupational therapy.  

"The important thing is to enjoy the activity for its own sake, and to know what matters is not the result but the control one is acquiring over ones attention" - Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1997). Finding Flow. Psychology Today

Come Out of the Circle of Time & Into the Circle of Love
— Rumi

Jenelle is a Philadelphia based, New Orleans made Hoop artist.  She understands Hooping as a form of self care & connects deeply with the Hoop as it helps her deal with anxiety & move through life's experiences more confidently.  She first picked up a Hoop at the age of twenty when she was getting her degree in Music Business & living in Louisiana.  While volunteering at local festivals, she noticed Hoopers dancing freely in the background.  She appreciated the movement & was drawn to the personal bubble dancers created with their colorful circles.  Three years later, after putting time & energy into her Hoop practice, Jenelle met her first Hoop mentor Jennette Ginsburg of Hey Now Hooping.  Shortly thereafter Jenelle began teaching Hoop fitness to locals of all ages in New Orleans.  While living down South from 2011 to 2016 Jenelle discovered the Hoop, started teaching, & performed for the first time in Mardi Gras parades & as a halftime performer between wrestling matches.  Hooping Witch is the vessel through which Jenelle shares her passion, skills, & expertise with Hoopers-To-Be.  A lesson with Jenelle will have you appreciating yourself & the power of the Hoop.  She teaches how happiness is often found in movement, & when we concentrate our physical abilities into a regular Hoop practice we can achieve blissful states of concentration.   


Science shows us the innate Human desire to dance is connected to our ability to survive.  Prehistoric ancestors bonded & communicated through dance, especially during tough times.  Dancing is a motivating factor for mood enhancement, intimacy, socializing & self confidence.  Hooping is a prop used in dance & a person can incorporate any type of dance (rhythmic, salsa, ballroom, etc) into their Hooping.  When we Hoop dance we're spending time learning how to handle emotions & thoughts by channeling Flow States, creating a sense of true self.  By paying focus to the present through Hooping we allow ourself to let the stories about what we should/must/need to do fall away in gentle movement.  Action & awareness join together for a mind-body connectivity that feels like experiencing a wholesome state of reality.  Jenelle firmly believes there is Magic in Hooping.  Magic is defined by Starhawk, a prominent writer, activist, & leader in the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft, as “the ability to change consciousness at will.”   Hooping is Magic because it assists in shifting our awareness through States of Flow.  When we learn to channel our Magic through Flow States it provides a portal to hidden knowledge, Hooping is the act of being in relationship with this portal. 





~ Hooping Witch's classes are never focused on weight-loss, rather learning to appreciate our bodies in every moment. 

~ All of Jenelle's Hoops are handmade & can be inscribed with love spells by request. 

~ Hooping Witch's services can be custom tailored to meet your Hoop needs 

~ Jenelle hosts Birthday Parties, Flow Jams, Senior Center Programs, Fitness Classes, Workshops & Retreats 

~ Private lessons are negotiated sliding scale fees. The recommended amount is $35 per hour. Speakers, Hoops & Location of student choice are included.  Students must be within the Philadelphia area for in-person lessons.  All other private lessons can be held via Skype 

~ Live Performer & Visual Accompaniment.  Ask about Fire & LED acts  

~ Please contact Jenelle directly for any Hoop service to discuss rates & availability   



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