Why Hooping?

Hooping is for all body types, ages & backgrounds.  As a physical exercise Hooping is a low impact cardio workout.  It tones muscles, builds strength, enhances balance, improves hand-eye coordination, boosts blood circulation & increases spine flexibility.  As a mental exercise Hooping relieves stress, expands our imagination, channels meditative states, causes feelings of joy & may be used as a form of occupational therapy.  Hooping Witch's services focus to bring students these physical & emotional experiences. 

Come Out of the Circle of Time & Into the Circle of Love
— Rumi

Jenelle is a Philadelphia based, New Orleans made Hoop artist.  The first time she picked up a Hoop was at the age of twenty when she was getting her degree in Music Business & living in Louisiana.  Jenelle used to volunteer at local festivals & it was at these events she would notice Hoopers dancing freely in the background.  She appreciated the movement & was drawn to the personal bubble Hoopers created with their plastic circles.  Producing secure, comfortable room for oneself at events that can feel overcrowded drew Jenelle in.  Three years later, after putting time & energy into her own Hoop practice, Jenelle met her first Hoop Mentor & began teaching Hoop fitness to locals in New Orleans.  While living down South between 2011 & 2016 Jenelle discovered the Hoop, started teaching & performed for the first time in Mardi Gras parades & as a halftime performer between


Wrestling Matches.  Jenelle understands hooping as a form of self care.   She connects deeply with the Hoop as it helps her deal with anxiety & moving thru traumatic experiences by leading with emotion.  Magic is defined as a higher power which influences the course of events.  When we learn to channel our own Magic, it provides a portal to hidden knowledge.  The Hoop, which can be merely seen as a plastic toy for children, is actually a Sacred tool with limitless energy & inspiration.  A lesson with Jenelle is intended to guide the student into accessing a part of their personal magic thru Hoop dance & states of Flow.  These lessons are an alternative & effective way of unlocking the hearts desire to dance freely.  Hooping Witch's lesson are never focused on weight-loss, rather learning to appreciate  our bodies in every moment.  All of Jenelle's Hoops are handmade & inscribed with love spells. 




~ Hooping Witch's services can be custom tailored to meet your Hoop needs 

~ Jenelle Madeline hosts Birthday Parties, Flow Jams, Senior Center Programs, Fitness Classes, Workshops & Retreats 

~ Private lessons are $35 per hour working on whatever the student desires.  Speakers, Hoops & Location of student choice are included.  Students must be within the Philadelphia area for in-person lessons.  All other private lessons can be held via Skype 

~ Live Performer & Visual Accompaniment.  Ask about Fire & LED acts  

~ Please contact Jenelle directly for any Hoop service to discuss rates & availability   



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