Terms & Conditions

To reserve a space in Jenelle Madeline's class, workshop or other special event, please purchase your space via the PayPal system online. Upon receipt of your payment your enrollment in the class is automatically confirmed. Please ensure that you seek professional medical advice before taking a Hoop class particularly if you have not undertaken exercise for a long time.  Jenelle Madeline is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by watching the free tutorials.  Jenelle Madeline requires a travel stipend of $20 per hour of travel time for any lesson, course or special event.  Rescheduling for any class, workshop, series, course, or session must be made 3 days in advance prior to the scheduled event.  A deposit of half the amount agreed upon for any Hoop programming must be made before the scheduled event to secure Jenelle Madeline's services.  By purchasing any of Jenelle Madeline's classes, workshops or other special programming you agree to the terms & conditions stated above.

Refund Statement & Terms

Your purchase & enrollment in Jenelle Madeline's class, workshop, series, course, or session of any kind confirms your commitment.  Refunds on all Jenelle Madeline's classes, workshops, series, courses, or sessions will not be issued. However classes & sessions can be made up within a 3 month period from the original purchase. If you miss any purchased sessions please contact Jenelle Madeline to arrange a make up time. If you become injured, ill or unable to use your purchased session, course or class within the 3 months from purchase a certificate or letter from your doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist should be shown to Jenelle Madeline & this will allow an extension of 3 months to be added to the expiry date (end of course date).  If you become pregnant within the 3 months & have not used your purchased classes or sessions in full you may use your remaining classes when you are able to return to Hooping or you can transfer your remaining classes to a friend or family member by request. Purchase & payment confirms your agreement to these terms.